Make Cryptocurrency

Create your smart contracts and launch your token
sale with a few clicks, no technical background required!
Generate your token and get it automatically listed
in the decentralized exchange without effort.
Tokedo is the complete ecosystem designed to bring
cryptocurrency into the mainstream.

The Blockchain was born to remove the middleman and create a trustless society.
But the middlemen are back!

The major exchanges made a profit of $1 billion each last year. They charge what they want,
they own your private keys, and they can kick you out as they please.
This is not why the Blockchain was born.

Tokedo brings financial freedom back to users and entrepreneurs.

The Tokedo Ecosystem

Thanks to the synergic work among these three elements, the Tokedo ecosystem enables the decentralized
future the blockchain promised and brings it to the masses.


Tokedo Wallet - Atomax -

Secure token wallet with a built-in

For ICOs and Companies

Reduce costs and speed up your business.

+ Built-in KYC
+ Fiat Payments
+ NFT Gaming


Tokedo Token Creator

Start your own token sale with a few clicks,
even if you don't have a technical

The Tokedo Token Creator is an easy-to-use white-label
platform to build your ICO with the trusted
benefits of a milestone control system.

Tokedo Exchange

The decentralized exchange for a trustless
society. Own your private keys. Buy and sell
every token with a click.

Remove the middlemen and get your freedom back!
The Tokedo Exchange is what a blockchain
exchange should look like.

Tokedo Whitelist

With a level-based gamification, you can get stakes while playing! Compete for your share of the bounty!


A secure wallet with a built-in

Securely store, sell and buy all the tokens you want in your

Do you want to be able to buy or sell at all times? Do you want to
seize every opportunity this crazy market offers? Buying and
selling tokens should never be more than a click away. This is
what Tokedo offers. And no private company will ever control
your activities and private keys.

Every person with a smartphone can use the Tokedo Wallet -
Atomax - by itself, or inside the Tokedoecosystem. It works
already. Join our 40,000+ community.

Token Creator

Add trust to your ICO with our innovative Token Creator. Generate your smart contracts and launch your
token sale with a few clicks. No technical background needed, our Token Creator does the heavy lifting for you.

Add community-voted milestones to upgrade your ICO to a DAICO. Generate your token to build your
business and realize your dreams.


Smart Contract Generation


Milestone Control System


Active Token Identification


Make Crypto Mainstream + Support Sports

Imagine your local football team fundraising the next season by issuing its own token. No need to find
expensive coders, no need to wait development time, just do it. Tokedo could be used by major international
teams as well as local teams. They could both create their own token for their loyal supporters. Every fan
in the world could support their home city or their favorite team.


A Decentralized Exchange

Securely trade all the tokens you want in your smartphone.

At Tokedo no private company can take your financial freedom.
Buy and sell every existing token as you please. The Tokedo
Exchange is the engine that makes the whole ecosystem work in
sync. It’s wallet-integrated, so it’s simple to use, and it
automatically lists tokens from projects that use the Token


Our software works already!

We are a team of coders and entrepreneurs working in the Blockchain space from 2012.
Tokedo is not a fundraising gimmick, it’s our legacy for a trustless society.